Our Services

Web Design

The virtual real estate of your brand is your website landing page. It is a virtual window to your brand, and creates an immediate impression. Our graphic designer gurus build a new, unique design which soaks the concept of your brand and is well received by the customer. We design mobile friendly designs which look fantastic on any device, and are super user friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Let your hard work be appreciated by your customer base. We know how important it is to reach the right customer at the right time, having launched multiple social media campaigns for our clients. With the use of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and other mainstream media, you reach out to the audience and optimize the best platform for your engagement. With our advanced techniques of retargeting, brand positioning and brand awareness, we ensure that your brand gets responses from customers which could be potential sales.
At Techfektor, we offer: New brand creation (logos, color wheels for your brand, letterheads, invoice templates, visiting cards and any other stationery that’s needed)Rebranding (changing the existing image of a brand. Logo redesign, modifying the target market, Optimizing ad content for visibility across all platforms)Content creation and post designs (trendy, elegant and fun designs: anything that fits your image). BONUS: we publish content and blog posts for your brand too! This includes press releases, customized blog posts, scripts for advertisements or other content upon requirement.

Pay Per Click Ads

Promoting your brand to the relevant markets using their interests, region, and many other metrics, we key in on the most optimized customer base which can generate new potential customers and also maintain an online brand presence. Using Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we not only generate ads, we also generate the content and provide feedback in the form of reports to further give you business.

Search Engine Optimization

Millions of searches are done on Google’s search engine daily. The top picks are highlighted on the first page according to the search engine algorithm results. In a highly data driven world, you need to compete with the right arsenal to be the best in your game. With our paid SEO tools and 10+ years of experience in the field, we have perfected our proven formula so that your brand is on the first page.

Web Development

Websites play an important role in positioning your brand. We have a team of seasoned professionals who do website development using the latest frameworks, tools and technologies to build websites for our clients. We work in MVC, Azure, ASP and other frameworks (please add more). We build websites in CSS, HTML5, JAVA, ANGULAR JS. Our focus is to build responsive, secure, optimized websites which run smoothly. With our website maintenance service, we also take care of any updates that need to be made.